The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 259 She Was Not Miserable Enough

Chapter 259 She Was Not Miserable Enough

With her last shred of courage in her despair, Nicole re-entered the jungle. Fortunately, Nicole had changed into comfortable leather sneakers before boarding the plane. Otherwise, she would really have to wait for her death. The trees in the woods were several dozen meters high. They were not as lush and dense as a tropical rainforest, but the thickness of each one was the width of several people at least. The trees were a species that she had never seen before either. She walked step by step in lethargy. She scraped her hands on the sharp tree branches, and the streaks of blood were very stark against her pale skin. However, she was not in the mood to care about these minor injuries. After all, she was going to die. “Tigger, do you see any fruit?” Nicole’s voice was hoarse and dry as she asked breathlessly. Tigger shook its head, its answer as disappointing as always. She stepped forward with great effort, feeling exhausted and dizzy. Her head felt like it was spinning. Sudd

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