The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 274 No, I’m Scared

Chapter 274 No, I’m Scared

Nicole almost cried when she heard those names. She wanted to jump up with joy. “My brother is here!” She almost thought that she was going to die here! The countless heavy boulders piling on her chest almost made her unable to hold on! The rumbling noise in the air was endless as if they were calling out to them. Nicole had never found the sound of a helicopter so pleasing to her ears. It was so sweet that it pulled her back from the border of death! It was her flame of hope, her light at the end of the tunnel! She ran twice as fast as usual. Nathaniel was also very excited. He found another path in front and looked back at her as they ran. “Nikki, we’re going back together. You won’t leave me behind, right?” Nicole looked at him joyfully and smiled. “Of course I won’t!” “After we go back, you can’t ignore me no matter what happens, okay?” “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your fortune and glory for the rest of your life!” Nicole thought that Nathaniel was worried that she

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