The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 275 Lambs to the Slaughter

Chapter 275 Lambs to the Slaughter

As soon as Nicole heard this, she immediately dismissed the idea of turning around and running. It would be too pitiful if they got shot to death from behind! However, what could they do if they could not run? The air was terribly cold. The fear that the pirates would kill them at any moment and the fishy smell of the seawater lingered around them. The three men were right in front of them. At this rate, they would not be able to hold out any longer. Nathaniel was so scared that he began to tremble. Although he was an explorer, he had never experienced anything like this before! Nicole was not much better, but when she saw the pirates approaching, her heart gradually calmed down instead. Three men approached, two of them tall with strong bodies. The other one was a little shorter and thinner, but his face was cold, and his hawk-like eyes were the most terrifying of all. He looked at her with a gaze that was intense and filled with greed. Although Nicole’s clothes were wretche

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