The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 286 Give Me Another Chance

Chapter 286 Give Me Another Chance

Eric’s voice was magnetic, mellow, deep, and raspy. The emotions in his eyes were suppressed and restrained. As soon as his words fell, the air almost froze. The blood on Nicole’s face drained in an instant. Her eyes carried disbelief. ‘Have I misheard? He wanted... Me? The person who wanted to throw me away like a bag of trash back then actually chose me?!’ Nicole was perplexed and could not believe what she just heard. ‘What exactly did Eric Fergusons want?’ The silence in the air gradually ate away at her calmness. Eric’s eyes were locked onto Nicole’s face, watching every emotion and detail from her face closely. Shock, amazement, detachment, resistance... Fortunately, among so many emotions, there was no disgust! Eric moved closer to her and wanted to touch her hair. He wanted her to feel that his affection was real. He was sincere. However, before he could touch her, Nicole subconsciously backed away like she was afraid of him. Earlier, Nicole did not react when Na

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