The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 287 That’s Not Me

Chapter 287 That’s Not Me

Nicole lowered her eyelids and stroked Tigger, who was in her arms. She looked like she was done talking to him. Even so, Eric refused to give up. ‘How could I give up so easily? I deserved that stab in the heart!’ Eric smiled miserably and made an effort to look warm. He looked down and took out a photo he had been staring at countless times from his pocket. His fingertips were white from pinching it so hard. Nicole had saved his life before, but she had never mentioned it. Eric did not believe that she would really forget all those feelings she had for him. His voice was magnetic and raspy as he said, “Nicole, I still owe you a life. You never told me that the person in the photo was you.” If Eric had known that it was her, then he would not have ignored her existence in their marriage. At the very least, he would not let their marriage come to such a disastrous end. Nicole glanced at that photo. Her expression stiffened as she was stunned. Her breath stalled for a moment.

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