Chapter 290 Nikki

This social media account had a very high following. That was because Nathaniel’s identity was special, and his handsome features made him a true homme fatale. The most important thing was that this account never posted any fake videos. The shooting process was thrilling, real, and always surprising. Nathaniel had not updated his work for nearly a month, so everyone was worried for his safety. Unexpectedly, he released his latest work online. In just a few minutes, it caused a huge sensation. Nathaniel was in a primitive tribe on the Atlantic Island. More importantly, Nicole appeared to be on the adventure with Nathaniel. The woman whom everyone thought had died in the plane crash actually came back to life! Nicole’s rate of appearance in the video was not high, but the most exciting part of the video was on that rainy night when the indigenous people were chasing them. Nathaniel had strapped the camera to his body, so he did not appear in many of the shots. The pair ran for th

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