The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 291 I Want to Fly My Own Plane

Chapter 291 I Want to Fly My Own Plane

Hearing those voices, Nicole frowned slightly. “That sounds like Yvette…” Kai was doubtful. “Really?” He then stood up and went outside. When he came back, he brought Yvette, Julie, and Ian with him. The three of them were all red-eyed. Yvette jumped over as soon as she saw Nicole. “Lil N!” Julie also wanted to jump at Nicole, but Kai grabbed her clothes to stop her. “One by one! Don’t touch my sister’s wounds!” Julie immediately stopped fighting him. The worry in her eyes was unconcealed. “You’re injured?!” Nicole patted Yvette’s back and looked at Julie with a smile. “I’m fine now, mostly recovered!” Ian Carter, who was standing on the side, looked so disheveled, thin, and drained. He even had stubble all over his jaw from not having shaved for days. Seeing that Nicole was fine, Ian kneeled on one knee in front of Nicole’s hospital bed and started to sob. Yvette, who was also choking back sobs, was speechless. Julie was too shocked to say anything. Suddenly, the somew

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