The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 295 You Can’t Separate Lovebirds

Chapter 295 You Can’t Separate Lovebirds

Nathaniel subconsciously took a step back. He still did not have the guts to go against Eric. Even so, he braced himself and said, “She... She willingly said so! Uncle Eric, you can’t just separate lovebirds…” As soon as he said that, Nathaniel’s entire body was picked up and shoved against the wall. His scalp was tingling, and his back was in severe pain. As an explorer, Nathaniel had a much better physique than the average person, but in the face of Eric Ferguson, he simply became a weak little boy who could not fight back. His dignity was trampled under Eric’s feet! Eric glared at him coldly without the slightest regard for kinship. His actions were firm and ruthless. “Nathaniel Ferguson, if you have a death wish, just say so. I’ll gladly grant it…” Mitchell hurriedly stepped forward. “President, there’s still room for discussion. Young Master Nathaniel is just joking! How could Ms. Stanton be attracted to him?” Nathaniel was talked down to, but there was still defiance in h

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