The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 296 The Divorced Couple’s Date

Chapter 296 The Divorced Couple’s Date

Nicole raised an eyebrow and watched as Nathaniel got out of the car looking like he was accepting a death sentence with open arms. Nathan walked over to Eric’s low-profile and expensive Cayenne that he drove today. The collision caused quite a lot of damage. On the contrary, his Jeep Grand Cherokee was unharmed in the slightest. However, Nathaniel had not figured out how exactly they collided in the first place. In this scenario, Nathaniel did look like the guilty party... Usually, this kind of issue could be settled with some money, but since the other party was Eric Ferguson, this would not be an easy feat. Eric’s dark eyes stared at Nathaniel. He said with a compelling chill in his voice, “Should we go by proceedings or settle this privately?” Nathaniel pursed his lips. ‘Do I even have a choice?’ “P-Proceedings…” Eric’s gaze was indifferent as he took out his phone. “Then I’ll get your father.” Nathaniel’s expression stiffened. He quickly stopped Eric. “Don’t! Uncle Eric

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