The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 300 Of Course, Marriage Is Best

Chapter 300 Of Course, Marriage Is Best

Eric’s eyes had a momentary flash of sharpness, ruthlessness, and firmness, which overwhelmed all other emotions. He was inherently noble, calm, and aloof. The moment Eric let go of Nicole, the butler of the Stanton family happened to walk over. “Miss... Oh, Mr. Ferguson, you’re here too.” Mr. Anderson was surprised. Eric’s face was calm and gentle as if nothing had happened. However, Nicole’s face was not very pleasant. She was somewhat pale and seemed to be angry. Since the relationship between these two was rather special, the butler was especially wary. Looking at the jacket draped over Nicole, Mr. Anderson immediately took out the shawl he prepared and respectfully handed it over. “Miss, the Chairman is waiting for you at home…” Nicole took a deep breath. She pushed Eric’s shoulder and took a step back, then yanked off Eric’s jacket and threw it on him. She then took over the shawl from Mr. Anderson and put it on. Nicole swept a contemptuous look at Eric and left in a

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