The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 301 Don’t Think About What Doesn’t Belong to You

Chapter 301 Don’t Think About What Doesn’t Belong to You

Once Nicole figured this out, she was in a much better mood. It was almost 11:00 pm, so she took a nice bubble bath, put on a rejuvenating mask, and got ready for bed. Nicole glanced at her phone and saw that there was a new friend request on her phone, with a familiar avatar that was all black. It was Eric Ferguson. The message he added was: “Regular friends.” The corners of Nicole’s lips twitched as she snorted lightly. This jerk was just threatening her a second ago, telling her to stay away from Nathaniel. Now he had the cheek to request to be friends? Nicole refused this friend request without a second thought. She felt sleepy, so she turned off her phone and went to bed. Eric saw the reply on his phone and his face sank. The notification was: “Friend request rejected.” ‘Ugh, I must’ve scared her just now!’ Eric thought. He had worked hard all night but made no progress. He felt so desperate like he was facing an abyss, yet he was unable to do anything... The night wa

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