Chapter 303 Reincarnate

Nicole looked at Nathaniel frankly. She did not have any interest in gaining his person or his heart, so she did not want it. Besides, the deep affection that Nathaniel spoke of was just because of her money, so Nicole did not feel much psychological burden. Without another word, Nathaniel took this money to put out the fire that was figuratively burning down his dreams. Julie and Yvette, who had overheard their conversation earlier, could not help but burst out in laughter. Yvette patted Nicole’s shoulder. “Gurl, spoken like a true rich biatch…” Nicole flipped her hair. “I am a rich b*tch!” The sound of music was deafening. The surrounding people were having fun, minding their own business. They were sensible enough not to be nosy. Nicole had a little too much to drink and felt a little dizzy, so she wanted to wash her face and get some fresh air to sober up. However, when she opened the door of the private room, she bumped into someone. The woman let out a sharp cry like

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