Chapter 304 My Boyfriends

Once Quinn’s words fell, Nicole’s face stiffened for a moment. Nicole then burst out in laughter. “What does it have to do with me if Eric is willing or not? It’s not like I’m going to agree.” ‘Where did Quinn’s confidence come from? Why should I pay attention to my private affairs just because of Eric’s wishful thinking?! How bewildering and ridiculous is that?!’ Quinn was exasperated when she heard that. “In a few days, Old Master Ferguson will personally propose a marriage alliance with your Stanton family. This marriage alliance will only strengthen both families. Where will you find another affluent family that can compare to our Ferguson family?” Quinn already felt like they were making a big concession letting Nicole back into their family. What right did Nicole have to pretend to be dissatisfied about this marriage alliance? Nicole was a divorced woman, so even if she had a good family background, other wealthy families would be uncomfortable proposing marriage to her.

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