The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 305 I Told You to Let Go

Chapter 305 I Told You to Let Go

Nicole thought, ‘Eric Ferguson actually called to me where I am?!’ She had never seen this number before. Nicole was not in a hurry to hang up and laughed mockingly. “Didn’t Mrs. Ferguson tell you the location?” It could not be more obvious. Quinn probably told Eric all about Nicole and even added more frills and just to slander Nicole. However, Nicole did not care. There was silence over the phone. Just when Nicole was about to hang up, she suddenly heard Eric’s restrained voice, as if he was trying to hold back his emotions and was trying hard to calm himself down. “Don’t stay out too long, and drink less.” Nicole did not expect him to say such words and was slightly stunned for a moment. All the curse words that she had ready could no longer be vented out. Her chest felt heavy and stuffy like it was weighed down by a boulder. Nicole gently knitted her eyebrows and retorted in an unkind tone. “What do you care?!” After that, she hung up on him. ‘This son of a b*tch Eri

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