The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 306 The Silent Men

Chapter 306 The Silent Men

Nicole steadily landed in Eric’s arms and did not seem to be affected by this commotion. The look of warning and disdain in Eric’s dark and deep eyes made Roman suddenly feel a chill down his spine. Eric did not give Roman or Fabian any time to react before he turned to leave with Nicole in his arms. Roman’s face was stiff and pale. His body became tense, and he felt defeated. Fabian saw this and sighed. Although he was young, he had been in showbiz for some time. Thus, he was clear about certain things. In the face of Eric Ferguson, no one stood a chance. “Roman, tell Julie about this.” Eric carried Nicole to the backseat of his car. He could smell the strong scent of alcohol on Nicole and unconsciously frowned. Even so, he carefully brushed away the strands of hair on her forehead and quietly sat next to her. He looked at the glowing yellow streetlights in the dark that felt just as lonely as he was. Eric only dared to hold Nicole’s hand when she was unconscious so that she

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