The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 311 I’m a Sponsor

Chapter 311 I’m a Sponsor

The staff on one side heard this and desperately tried to signal the gossiping actresses to keep quiet. Unfortunately, the two small-time actresses were too immersed in their own world to notice. Nicole never had the habit of holding her tongue. She put down her phone, stood up, and turned around, staring straight at them with a clear and cold gaze. There was a hint of indifference in her lazy voice, “I’m the sponsor of this event. If you have questions about the seating plan, you can go ahead and complain about it…” Anyway, the complaint would end up with Dominic Young. Nicole was quite curious to see whether these two D-listers could continue their career in showbiz. The two starlets were stunned when they saw that it was Nicole. When they heard her words, their faces stiffened for a moment. Under the light, their heavily powdered faces became even paler. They stood up in a panic from several rows away. Their voices were flustered. “No, no... We didn’t mean that. We just didn’

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