Chapter 312 Shameless

There was dead silence all around. Nicole did not care if Eric’s compliment was sincere. Did she need him to tell her that she was beautiful? However, for a split second, Eric’s words did cause Nicole’s heart to tremble slightly. Her stance was still unstable. She was stunned for a moment and almost got sucked into Eric’s sweet talk. Fortunately, she reacted in time. ‘This son of a b*tch can’t seduce me! I won’t fall for it!’ Countless celebrity bigwigs could not help but secretly give Nicole a thumbs up when they heard her reply. This was a classic snide remark from President Nicole. A standard “thank you” could have answered this, but Nicole’s answer was the best. The next moment, the music started, and the awards ceremony began. Nicole was arranged to present an award to Fabian. Thus, as soon as the nominations for the “Most Promising Newcomer” award were announced, Nicole prepared to go onstage. There were usually two “Most Promising Newcomer” awards, one of which was F

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