Chapter 319 This Wimp

Nicole’s sharp eyes noticed the two parachutes stacked next to her. Nicole gritted her teeth and thought, ‘Fine, this is the last step anyway…’ She reached over, carefully put on the safety harness, and helped the cameraman with his things. The sunlight was not blinding. The cold winds up top also blew in the right direction. Nicole took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, and jumped down. The cold wind slapping her face was painful, but she could not shout. Otherwise, her features would look distorted on camera, and she would look like a monster. ‘Ugh! I really regret coming here!’ The sound of the wind in her ears felt like it was amplified a dozen times. The air pressure affected her eardrums. Nicole tried to inch her parachute in the right direction. About ten minutes later, she felt her body being dragged down. Many people surrounded her. She finally landed safely. “Nikki, are you okay?” Nathaniel’s handsome yet irritating face appeared in front of Nicole’s eyes. He was wav

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