The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 328 Get Along Normally

Chapter 328 Get Along Normally

Old Master Ferguson smiled. “We feel bad about how we treated Nicole in the past. If there’s an opportunity, we’ll like to make it up to her.” Floyd waved his hand. “It’s alright, they’re just clueless kids. The past is in the past, and Nicole doesn’t care about it anymore, so we don’t need to take it to heart. Just get along normally.” “Clueless…” Eric repeated in a whisper. His dark eyes flickered slightly, then he curled the corners of his lips. “Yes, we should get along normally.” Eric raised his eyes to look at Nicole and gave her a suggestive smile. Noticing the scorching gaze from across the room, Nicole subconsciously looked up and saw that Eric had been staring at her with smiling, gentle eyes. ‘What’s he smiling at?’ Nicole choked a little and instantly lost her appetite. She put down the cutlery in her hand and rolled her eyes at him. Somehow, the man opposite her did not get angry. Instead, his smile deepened. Eric saw how vexed and restrained Nicole was and sudden

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