The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 329 They’re the Same Person

Chapter 329 They’re the Same Person

Nicole took her phone, looked down at it, and was so furious that she could not speak. Eric unblocked himself on her phone and even changed his name to “Life Saver”. He was really thick-skinned. Was he trying to make her feel bad if she wanted to delete his number? Nicole bit her lower lip, not wanting to talk to him anymore, and turned to leave. Eric followed her without haste. He matched her pace as if he was her shadow. When they reached the entrance of the restaurant, Eric suddenly said, “Nicole, I’ll teach you to swim.” Eric still remembered that after the plane crash, when he could not find her in the vast ocean, Kai told him that she could not swim. On that variety show when Nicole saw that Miles Kavanagh was underwater for too long, that panic and fear Nicole felt were not from her concern for Miles, but because of her phobia of water. How could Nicole, who had always been such a competitive person, not know how to swim? Eric wanted to teach her so that she would be

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