The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 332 I Can’t Let Her Go

Chapter 332 I Can’t Let Her Go

There was a loud clatter of sounds. The bottles and glasses on the glass table in front of them instantly shattered to pieces. The glass fragments flew everywhere and even got onto the gentry’s face. Drops of blood slid down from the wound on his cheek. The private room was deadly silent and piercing cold. The young gentry was so frightened by this scene that his face turned pale. He dared not utter another word because he already knew that he had said the wrong thing and angered Eric Ferguson! Eric’s eyes were bloodshot. His body exuded such a terrifying cold as he stood up and glared ruthless at the gentry from a condescending position. “Who the hell are you to mention her name?!” Eric’s voice was cold and oppressive. He stepped forward and kicked the gentry on the body without another word. The gentry huddled up in pain and did not move, but cold sweat trickled down his forehead. The surrounding people dared not come to the gentry’s defense. They only got to mingle in this c

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