Chapter 333 Already Here

The Stanton Mansion front gates. Keith Ludwig was in the car when he gave Nicole a call. Nicole sounded like she was already sleeping because she picked up impatiently. “Who is this?” Keith pursed his lips and replied, “It’s me, Keith Ludwig. Uh... Ferg had one too many drinks and he’s right outside your house. Can you come out for a sec so he can say what he wants to?” There were a few seconds of silence over the phone. Nicole seemed to have woken up. Her voice was calm and deep. “You can take him and get the hell out of my house!” Keith was speechless for a moment. He struggled. “But we’re already here… If you don’t come out, I’ll just leave him at the door. You’re responsible if he freezes to death!” After that, he hung up the phone and patted his chest. Talking to Nicole now needed a lot of courage! Keith dragged Eric out of the car and sat him down at the gates. It was an extremely unmissable spot right in the middle. He was a little torn. “Ferg, I’m doing this for you

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