The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 334 She’s Going to Disappear

Chapter 334 She’s Going to Disappear

There was an emergency at one of Stanton Corporation’s overseas subsidiaries that had to be dealt with immediately. Grant had some urgent business at headquarters, so he could not leave for the moment. Nicole then took on the task and went on Grant’s behalf. In the meantime, she could also get a change of environment. The news that Nicole had left the country reached Eric’s ears an hour later. At that moment, he was drinking a cup of hangover tea in his office. “What?” Eric was shaken and did not care that the tea had spilled on some important documents. He stood up immediately. For some reason, he felt a vague pain in his waist. “She left the country?” Mitchell nodded. “Yes, when I sent a return gift to the Stanton Mansion, it was received by Young Master Kai. He said that Ms. Stanton is leaving the country and may not come back again…” Eric’s face changed drastically. ‘She’s leaving?!’ “Where did she go? Which flight did she take?” His heart and mind were in a mess. He was

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