Chapter 343 Punishing You

Mikayla’s face stiffened because Nicole had already said the third answer in advance. She looked at Eric’s face, which had already turned so ugly and gloomy. The chill in his eyes was so oppressive as he glared intently at Nicole, seemingly struggling to restrain his emotions. Nicole smiled. “I don’t need to jump, right?” Mikayla immediately regained her composure. “No need. The next question is for Mr. Ferguson.” She looked at Eric with some excitement. “If you were to choose one of the two ladies present to be your girlfriend…” A smug triumphant light seemed to shine in Mikayla’s eyes. After experiencing such an insult from Nicole, how could any normal man still choose her? There were only two women present, Nicole and Mikayla! As long as Mikayla and Eric’s names appeared together, then she would not have come to this variety show in vain. Before Mikayla could finish her sentence, Eric looked gloomy as he said in a cold and restrained voice. “I choose Nicole.” After that,

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