The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 344 Nikki, Who Do You Choose?

Chapter 344 Nikki, Who Do You Choose?

Eric did not know whether Nicole heard him or not because she did not have any reaction. The rope just bounced them back and forth, up and down… Nicole’s body gradually adapted to this motion, and the panic she felt gradually faded away. When she opened her eyes again to look at him, her eyes were only filled with anger and coldness! After going back up, Nathaniel and the group hurriedly came to them, concerned. “Nikki, are you okay?” “How are you? Do you feel dizzy?” Eric was isolated on the side. Everyone knew that Eric did this on purpose, so no one comforted him. Nicole was the innocent party after all! Even Mikayla just stood there and looked at those two people silently. She did not know what just happened. Nicole shook her head with a miserably pale face. She could not speak for a moment and only felt a little nauseous in the stomach. Her eyebrows knitted together. “Can this be over?” Nathaniel paused and looked at the expressionless Eric on the side who looked a l

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