The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 353 She’s the Rich Woman That He Got Close To

Chapter 353 She’s the Rich Woman That He Got Close To

Nicole smiled and took Miles’ arm, but she did not answer that question. However, to others, her silence was an admission. Miles’ hand was on her shoulder, so this was enough to explain everything. No man would casually put his hand on a woman’s shoulder. The private room fell silent. Hearing this, Mikayla’s face turned uglier. She suddenly raised her hand and pointed at Nicole, who was next to Miles. Her voice was sharp, sarcastic, and mean. “So, she’s the rich woman you’ve gotten close to?” The moment such unpleasant words were spoken, the women present who were leaping with excitement instantly froze. It was too late to stop Melanie. Melanie had a bad feeling that Miles would not let her go easily. The hidden anger in his eyes had not been extinguished from the moment he saw her. She immediately decided to draw a clear line with him by demeaning his self-esteem. “Are you so shameless to degrade yourself like that?” The first thing the crowd looked at was Nicole’s express

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