Chapter 354 Take My Money to Get Close to You

Nicole curled the corners of her lips and glanced at Miles. “We have no intention to disturb your bachelor party, but... We’ll leave when he finishes asking for what’s owed to him.” Miles let out a light laugh and was just about to speak when Melanie interrupted him with suppressed anger. “Mr. Kavanagh, although we had some disagreements, please look at what kind of occasion this is. My fiancé is the Second Young Master of White Corporation, with hundreds of millions in assets. His friends are all dignitaries, so do you think you’ll end well if you stir up our marriage?” This was a blatant threat to imply that Miles could not afford to offend any of the people present! Nicole raised her eyebrows and found it a little surprising. ‘This Melanie only looks docile, huh?’ Even Colton White was a bit shocked by Melanie’s attitude because she had always been very soft-spoken. The surroundings became completely silent. Even the music was turned off by someone. When Miles heard Melanie

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