The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 355 You’re Not a Poor Man

Chapter 355 You’re Not a Poor Man

Miles stared intently at Melanie, who had played him like a fool back then. He thought that he had done something wrong and rushed back to apologize. However, Miles only saw Melanie and Colton flirting and walking hand in hand out of the hotel room. It was clear that it was not the first time... Later, when Miles looked for Melanie to settle accounts, she inexplicably transferred to another college and disappeared. She ghosted him! To Miles, Melanie was dead. It was simply his lifelong shame. The crowd’s shocked eyes turned to Melanie and Miles. They did not think that there would be so much drama the night before Melanie and Colton’s wedding. This drama was huge too! Colton’s fists were clenched tightly. The bottom of his eyes had a frightening chill, and his body was tense. No one knew what he was thinking about at that moment. Melanie anxiously pulled Colton’s arm. “No, I didn’t lie to you! I really like you…” Colton stood there unmoved. His expression was bitterly cold an

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