The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 357 You Acted Well

Chapter 357 You Acted Well

Eric’s words suddenly made Nicole feel heartbroken. ‘How could I feel heartbroken for Eric Ferguson?!’ Nicole pursed her lips. Her eyes suddenly felt a little sore. Soon, she tried hard to ignore this feeling and raised her head to meet his gaze. She curled up her lips coldly. “It’s good that you know this.” The corners of the man’s eyes were red. His lips were pressed into a straight line, and his tall, upright figure seemed extraordinarily lonely. Eric wanted to threaten her, but Nicole was not afraid of him. He wanted to show weakness, but she was not heartbroken. Faced with Nicole, Eric felt like there was nothing he could do. Keith heard a commotion outside the private room and rushed over. “Ferg, quick! Colton’s dragging Melanie to the hospital... Oh, Nicole’s still here?” Nicole smiled faintly as a greeting. She did not say another word and turned to leave. Her departing back looked so isolated and determined. Eric only thought about Nicole’s indifferent gaze that pi

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