The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 358 A Different Bride

Chapter 358 A Different Bride

Nicole partied with them until past 1:00 am and won many rounds of poker. Although Nicole could see that everyone was intentionally letting her win, she still could not resist the itch to play one round after another. Finally, Nicole only stopped after seeing Mikayla’s dark eye circles and pitiful eyes from losing so much. The next day, Nicole slept until mid-morning. She was smart to shut Tigger out the door last night so no one would bother her. The sun lazily crept onto her face, but Nicole just turned around and continued to sleep. Suddenly, her phone rang. ‘Damn it, I forgot to mute it!’ The ringing was incessant, so Nicole picked it up irritably. When she saw the caller ID, she was even more speechless. “Yvette Quimbey, do you have something against me that you won’t let me sleep in peace?!” Yvette was stunned for a few seconds, then laughed out loud. “Do you know what you’ve missed while you slept?” “What?” “Colton’s wedding! It’s a different bride!” Nicole was dum

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