The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 376 Throw Them Out

Chapter 376 Throw Them Out

For a moment, the atmosphere was stagnant. The mingling scene not far away felt like it was separated by a barrier. Clayton Sloan’s disgust was undisguised. Whether it was a butler who had been with him for ten years, someone would have to pay for breaking his rules. His words were direct. No matter who Clayton chose to work with, Christian Jenner was far from being qualified. Christian’s face changed a few times. He looked at the butler pleadingly. “Big Brother…” The butler frowned and still tried to get another chance for Christian. It made no sense that Nicole’s sudden appearance robbed his brother of this chance. “Mr. Sloan… Can you please reconsider?” “My daddy has made it very clear! Are you old and confused? Daddy won’t make friends with douchebags! Daddy likes my pretty lady…” Lil Michael could not help but frown. His features on that pretty little face were scrunched up together. ‘This butler is really annoying as always!’ Usually, the butler told Michael what to do w

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