The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 377 She’s the First Choice

Chapter 377 She’s the First Choice

Listening to the conversation earlier, the dress Nicole was wearing seemed to have something to do with Lil Michael’s mommy. Nicole glanced at Lil Michael, who blinked his big sparkling eyes and immediately shook his head. “It’s not!” Clayton Sloan paused for a moment. His expression eased as he said, “It’s not. It’s just from the same designer, so the style and color are somewhat similar. Let’s head back.” Nicole did not probe further and followed Clayton back to the table. Lil Michael was taken outside while the adults stayed in the banquet hall. Eric Ferguson had been sitting in his seat. His eyes were staring at the trio unblinkingly the whole time. The people around came to talk to him, but he ignored them. The main seat was occupied by Clayton who had a mysteriously powerful aura very similar to the strong and cold Eric Ferguson in some ways. The three people next to Eric saw Clayton and hurriedly went back to their seats. Although this was a private dinner, its nature w

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