Chapter 384 Flatter

The three of them went to the mall in a grandiose way. Yvette always bought things as she pleased. In a short time, she picked out quite a few items and paid for them before having them sent directly to her home. As Nicole tried on some clothes, Lil Michael moved a small stool in front of the mirror and held his face with shining eyes, waiting to praise her. “Oh, Pretty Lady, you’re so beautiful!” “This dress is perfect on your body! No one can wear it better than Pretty Lady!” “Pretty Lady, are you a fairy?” “You look too pretty when wearing this!” ...... Nicole was in a very good mood from all the compliments and bought all the clothes with a wave of her hand. Yvette, who was standing at the back, had a confused expression. ‘What the hell?! This kid really has a silver tongue, but he’s only sweet to Nicole!’ The sales staff standing on the side did not get to say a word because Lil Michael got to it first. Would their salaries get docked from not doing their jobs? In the a

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