The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 385 Little Baby Eric Ferguson

Chapter 385 Little Baby Eric Ferguson

Nicole and Yvette could not bear to see the huge fish and whales swimming around, so they found a quiet place to sit and drink coffee. This aquarium was indeed quiet. The staff carefully served them from the side, afraid that the coffee they provided would not satisfy the two distinguished ladies. Nicole looked around. “There are no fish here?” That was great! The aquarist at the side paused. “Yes, Ms. Stanton. This is the mantis shrimp exhibit. Since it’s not a rare species, there are usually fewer people visiting this exhibit. Would you like to have a look?” Mantis shrimp? Nicole looked at the aquarist’s expectant gaze and nodded. Obviously, rather than look at them, she wanted to eat them instead. The aquarist turned off the surrounding lights, and the special elements overhead, on the ground, and the walls immediately lit up with blue light. The light was very faint and dim, which created a deep-sea illusion. When Nicole looked closer, she saw plenty of shrimp swimming insid

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