Chapter 388 Vixen

The news of Eric’s accident soon spread. Old Master Ferguson was grief-stricken and rushed to the hospital with Quinn. When they learned that Eric only got into an accident to save Nicole, their expressions took a turn for the worse. Old Master Ferguson had seen a lot in his lifetime, so his expression was not obvious. He only sat in Eric’s ward in silence. When his body was finally unable to support him, his butler took him away. Quinn cried in Eric’s ward for two hours. Nicole sat in the living room of the VIP ward and waited quietly, listening to Quinn’s beratement with a stoic face. “Eric, I told you to stay away from that woman! She’s a jinx! It’s always her fault every time you’re in danger. Last time you went out to sea and almost died. Now, this?! You even sent your beloved sister away for that b*tch! You must be completely bewitched by her… Eric, please wake up…” Quinn burst into tears. Mitchell and Logan looked at the motionless Nicole with conflicted expressions. She

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