Chapter 389 I Give Up

In the car. Floyd took out a stack of photos from the side. “I got these from the police. They want to investigate openly, but we’ll also do a private investigation.” Nicole took the photos. When she saw that car, the image of Eric pushing her out of the way flashed in her mind. How did he have the courage to run over when the car was easily charging towards them at 70 miles per hour? Nicole’s pale fingers trembled. Grant sighed. “We owe Eric Ferguson twice now. Lil N, I’m afraid he won’t let you go that easily...” If Eric would give up on Nicole, why would he risk his life for her three to four times? They could turn a blind eye if it only happened once, but it was increasingly hard to ignore. Floyd closed his eyes. “He still can’t expect Lil N to devote herself to him just because of this. Although I’ve begun to admire that boy, Lil N’s wishes still come first.” Nicole pursed her lips. Her heart stalled as she lowered her eyes silently. The next photo was of the person ins

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