The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 408 A Wave of Puffery Before Bed

Chapter 408 A Wave of Puffery Before Bed

The three ladies all thought that they saw it wrongly. Upon closer look, they realized that it was really her. Yvette was the first to speak. “Ingrid Ferguson has been missing for so long, but she’s been right under our nose this whole time? Why didn’t anyone find out?!” Nicole squinted her eyes. She was also amazed. Although Ingrid’s humble stance and fake smile when she was putting on shoes for the customer were very clearly forced, Ingrid certainly looked much better than before. They were just not used to Ingrid’s behavior. No one expected that the arrogant and domineering Ms. Ferguson would end up working as a store attendant! How could Eric Ferguson arrange his sister to this kind of place? Julie Nixon asked, “Should we go over and take a look?” Nicole shook her head, but Yvette was already dragging the two of them over. “Of course!” “Welcome to…” Ingrid sent away a customer and immediately bowed to greet the new customers who just walked in. When Ingrid looked up an

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