The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 409 Sleeping in the Same Room

Chapter 409 Sleeping in the Same Room

Nicole sniffed the air and asked, “What are you making?” “I made some hot chocolate with Amedei’s 70% dark chocolate. It’s so rich and smooth. You should try it!” Toto immediately recommended his creation. “Would you like a cup?” Nicole was enticed by the smell and nodded. “Is Mr. Ferguson asleep?” “Mr. Ferguson is having a meeting in the study. Sigh… A man like him who’s so hard-working and rich is truly hard to find!” Toto sighed while going back into the kitchen. He came out again with two mugs. “Luca, would you like one too?” Nicole took a sip of the hot chocolate and liked the silkiness. She looked at Luca. “Try some. Toto’s got quite the skills in the kitchen!” Luca looked so fierce and unapproachable when he turned away. “No thanks, he can have it.” Toto went over to Luca and pushed him to the table with all the strength he could muster with his 100 kg body. He was exhausted and sweating as he looked at Luca. “Don’t be so polite. I’ve already had my fair share just no

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