Chapter 413 Fickle Men

Nicole was best at stabbing people in the heart, especially Eric’s. It felt amazing. Her toes rested against the door as she looked at Eric with a nonchalant smile. “Goodnight, Mr. Ferguson.” Nicole left without waiting for his response. She made it so clear to him, so he would certainly understand. If he pretended not to understand, then she had other ways to wake him up from his delusions. His tricks were so old-fashioned! Eric’s gaze was dark and sullen as he stared at her departing back. Those words were like knives stabbing at his heart. It was obviously very painful, but he could not blame anyone and could only suffer the pain because he deserved it. ...... The groundwork for the project from Clayton Sloan was finalized. Its specifications were very ambitious, involving a large scope. One of the most important parts was advancing the research of their current artificial intelligence project. Thus, Stanton Corporation involved J&L Corporation in the core project. Last

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