The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 414 She Only Cares About Looks

Chapter 414 She Only Cares About Looks

Eric Ferguson slowly ate the sushi in front of him. The delicate and elegant movements of his fingers were somewhat artistic. His words carried a faint coldness. “I’m just teaching her how to be a person in the fastest way possible.” Nicole frowned and did not understand what he meant. Eric patiently explained, “She used to be such a snob, so she didn’t think that she’d one day end up serving others. This will teach her a lesson.” Nicole raised her eyebrows and instantly understood. It was just that to Ingrid, such a punishment was a little too harsh. Unlike ordinary people who needed to support their families, Ingrid was a pampered young lady since birth, Nicole could not help but sigh in her heart. Eric was so ruthless even to his sister, which made Nicole think that she should not believe Eric’s show of weakness. However, from another perspective, scums like Ingrid were everywhere. The Ferguson family could afford to support Ingrid for life, so Eric was only doing so becaus

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