The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 415 His Sense of Crisis

Chapter 415 His Sense of Crisis

Out of politeness, Nicole kept that thought to herself. Clayton immediately sensed the change in Nicole’s mood and smiled decently. “Michael asked me to give it to you. He said that you’d like it, but I doubt it…” With that, Clayton Sloan casually tossed the bouquet of white chrysanthemums on the side of the table and reached out to shake hands with Gerard Lichman. ‘What was I thinking to believe my stupid son that Nicole only likes white chrysanthemums?!’ Clayton thought. Nicole breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Oh… It turned out to be Lil Michael…” At the thought of this, Nicole missed the boy because she had not seen him in a while. Nicole regained composure and exchanged pleasantries with the rest. Gerard took a phone call and hung up after a few words. Gerard said, “Let’s go to the conference room. Everyone’s here.” Once they got to the conference room and saw the people inside, Nicole was slightly stunned. ‘Eric Ferguson actually came in person?!’ Although Eric was sitting i

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