The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 421 Future Father-In-Law

Chapter 421 Future Father-In-Law

Clayton pursed his lips. His dark eyes reflected a cold light. The car arrived at the hospital, but they did not get out. Instead, Luca went inside. In less than five minutes, Luca called Nicole. “Miss, I’ve caught him.” Nicole’s eyes flickered. She heard another pleading voice coming from the phone. It was a stranger. Clayton took over her phone and asked, “Did Paul send you here?” It was straight to the point. Clayton suspected that it was Paul Newton too. “No, no, no... It’s not Mr. Newton!” The voice was sharp and panicked as he deliberately tried to cover up something. However, the words “Mr. Newton” exposed everything. Without hesitation, Clayton took out his phone and dialed a number. “Catch Paul Newton. Don’t let him get away.” The person on the phone hesitated for a moment. “Mr. Ferguson is here and has already caught Paul Newton before us.” A surprised look flashed across his eyes. “Oh? Alright then.” Clayton hung up the phone and looked at Nicole. “It seems

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