The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 422 Can’t Be Careless

Chapter 422 Can’t Be Careless

Toto was sitting alone in the living room, sad and heartbroken about Eric when he heard a movement from the door. Eric came back. Toto greeted him with excitement. “Mr. Ferguson, you’re back! You still insist on going out to work when you’re not fully recovered. You’re really the most dedicated and successful person I’ve ever seen…” Eric cleaned up Paul Newton, so he was in a good mood, but as soon as he entered the door and heard these words, his face suddenly turned glum. This level of puffery was really something. Eric held back his anger and asked in a cold voice. “Is Nicole back?” “Yes, Mr. Ferguson. I noticed that Ms. Stanton’s not in a very good mood. I don’t think you should find trouble for yourself…” Eric shot a sidelong glance at Toto. That cold gaze made Toto shiver. Toto coughed lightly and hurriedly remedied the situation. “The banquet earlier was such a big scene that’s straight out of a TV show, but I think that without you, it lost some luster…” Eric indif

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