The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 461 Plastic Brotherhood

Chapter 461 Plastic Brotherhood

Eric did not even glance at Keith. He only smiled at Nicole. “What a coincidence, Nicole. Why don’t you push my wheelchair, and I’ll take you to greet Chairman Harrison?” Nicole, who was just about to refuse, hesitated for a few seconds and agreed. “Okay.” Harrison Corporation was notoriously difficult to cooperate with. Chairman Harrison only cooperated with his friends and was a tycoon in Western Mediania. Although he was not well-known in the international arena, he was still very famous in Mediania. He owned two large mines and had a firm standing in the industry, so his power should not be underestimated. If Stanton Corporation could cooperate with Harrison Corporation, it would be beneficial to their development. Eric smiled. Toto stepped back and sighed. ‘Mr. Ferguson always has a way!’ Keith coldly snorted in anger. “You’re not even here for me!” He turned around and stormed away. Toto shook his head. ‘What a plastic brotherhood… As long as Ms. Stanton’s around, everyo

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