Chapter 462 Own Mines

Eli Harrison smiled. “Bro, this is my youngest daughter. She’s been living abroad, so she’s quite shy since she has never attended these events before. Don’t laugh at her.” Eric smiled faintly without much emotion. Nicole sized up Ivy Harrison. Looking at her demeanor, Ivy did not look like she grew up abroad. Noticing Nicole’s gaze, Ivy glanced at her and quickly bowed her head. Since Nicole knew what this father and daughter pair had in mind, she did not need to stay any longer. Nicole smiled and patted Eric’s shoulder. “Mr. Ferguson, you guys talk. I’ll get something to eat.” Before Eric could stop her, Eli Harrison laughed loudly. “Take care, Ms. Stanton.” With a faint smile, Nicole turned around and left. Many people around saw this scene. Nicole’s departing back looked so lonely, which inevitably made others pity her. She took a slice of cake and sat down in a corner. A man sat down beside her. It was Clayton. He loosened his tie and looked helpless. “I’m sorry for l

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