Chapter 470 Why Not?

Lil Michael grunted. “Bring over the sugar. I’ll put it in myself!” He could not trust the people on Mean Mister’s plane. What if they did not put any sugar and gave Pretty Lady bitter coffee? The flight attendant brought him a cup of coffee and a jar of sugar. Eric hooked his lips meaningfully and deliberately teased him. “Don’t add too much sugar. Pretty Lady doesn’t like sweet drinks.” Lil Michael stuck out his tongue and did not believe Eric. He did the exact opposite because he thought that Pretty Lady must love sweet things! Without a word, Lil Michael scooped huge spoonfuls of sugar into the coffee until it was about to spill over from the cup before he stopped and looked satisfied. ‘Pretty Lady must be able to feel my love for her!’ Eric raised his eyebrows and smiled at him but did not stop it. He reached out and slowly sipped his bitter coffee. ‘How aromatic!’ Lil Michael jumped off the chair and carefully carried the sweet coffee to Nicole. “Pretty Lady! I made t

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