The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 471 Not as Important as Her

Chapter 471 Not as Important as Her

Eric’s eyes were dark and sunken. He did not make a sound and saw Old Master Ferguson watching him from the second-floor railing. He nodded slightly. Old Master Ferguson pursed his lips and said, “Come upstairs.” When he got to the study, Old Master Ferguson sat behind the desk. His face was cold and solemn. “I’ve made myself very clear on the phone.” “I don’t agree with it.” Eric was straightforward. Old Master Ferguson’s face was glum and ugly. “If it wasn’t for the Stanton family who’s backing Nicole, I wouldn’t have agreed for you to get back together with her. You almost lost your life for her, yet she’s still indifferent towards you. What about the Ferguson family’s reputation?!” The atmosphere in the study was so cold and silent that it was frightening. Eric was unfazed. His gaze was cold and firm. “The Ferguson family’s reputation is not as important as Nicole.” “What did you say?!” Old Master Ferguson raised his voice all of a sudden. He gasped violently and looked

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