Chapter 491 Make It Real

There was a flash of delight in Eric’s eyes. Then, he sighed. “Forget it. How can I let you do it yourself?” Toto said to retreat as an advance. He had to adapt to the situation. Nicole frowned and placed the ice pack on Eric’s forehead. “Such a simple thing is nothing. Bear with it a little longer and wait for the doctor to come.” Eric’s face faintly stiffened. “That’s all?” Nicole nodded. “Done. I didn’t touch you.” He just said that he did not like anyone touching him! Eric slowly closed his eyes and was speechless. In the next second, Nicole’s phone rang. Eric glanced at her phone and saw the caller ID. It was Clayton Sloan. His heart stalled for a moment. “It’s so late. What could he be calling you for?” He could not hide the jealousy and bitterness in his tone. Eric felt so jealous that he wanted to kill someone! Nicole absently pursed her lips. “Work.” She did not intend to explain anything to Eric because there was no need to do so. After that, she stood up

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