The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 492 Make Her Happy

Chapter 492 Make Her Happy

Eric was terrified. He was afraid of losing Nicole forever. Eric told himself not to get mad. It did not matter even if Nicole chose Clayton. He had a million ways to confine her to his life forever. Nicole was speechless and pushed him away. Her strength was much stronger than Eric, who was pretending to be sick. She sneered and said, “Then you can feel at ease being sick. The doctor will be here soon.” After she said this, she turned around. When she got downstairs, she met Toto and the doctor who came in one after another, looking unhappy and not very anxious. If Nicole had not noticed beforehand that Eric was pretending to be sick, she might not understand what was going on. Luca was following them with a serious face as he urged them. Seeing Nicole coming downstairs, Toto hurriedly greeted her. “Ms. Stanton, what do you want to take? I’ll go get it for you. You don’t need to come down personally.” She should just spend more time with Eric. Nicole gave him a cold blank

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