Chapter 493 His Lookalike

Yvette knew that Floyd was just poking fun at her. She did not get angry and happily went to pull Nicole’s arm. “I’m creating opportunities for Nicole. If she meets more people, she won’t get easily coaxed!” Floyd thought it made sense. Nicole helplessly looked at Yvette. “I have a dinner appointment with a business partner tonight, so go ahead with your celebration. Nicole only felt a headache when she thought about Yvette’s parties. It was just filled with all kinds of fancy food and drink, which she was already used to. She might as well close a business deal. Yvette simply walked over and sat next to Nicole. She spoke in a low voice, “This time is different. I’ve prepared a surprise for you! Many famous male models all over the world are invited too! I guarantee that they’re your favorite type, so just go and check it out!” Nicole gave her a speechless look. Famous male models all over the world? Yvette was never so focused on her family’s business, but she was always extre

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